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Women's helpline 1492

1492 is a nationwide 24-hour hotline for women who have experienced physical, psychological, economic and/or sexual abuse and who

   need someone talk to about their problems

   try to find a way to escape abuse

   need support in finding solutions to their problems

   seek protection against violence but do not know which institutions or who to approach

   want to analyse options for getting out of the abusive cycle of intimate partner violence

   face dilemmas of transforming life after divorce, for themselves and their children

   have fallen victims of rape

All calls from landlines and mobile phones to 1492 are free of charge.

The hotline staff:

   provide emotional support and empower the victim

   assess, together with the victim, safety risks and create a plan for mitigating the risks

   in high risk situations, refer the victim immediately to the police or notify the police of  the assault themselves, as agreed

   inform the victims of their rights and relevant legislation as well as of victim assistance and services available

   provide guidelines on dealing with public authorities and other service providers

   refer the victim, as appropriate, to institutions / organisations offering victim assistance and specialist services (e.g. victim support system, women’s shelters, child protection authorities, municipal authorities, health care institutions, etc)

Emotional support and information is also provided to concerned friends and family seeking to help women victims.

Advice on helping the victim and information on resources and service providers is further given to professionals dealing directly with women victims of violence (e.g. child protection workers, social workers, teachers, kindergarten teachers, psychologists, doctors, prosecutors, police officers, etc.)

in order to develop most effective responses to violence.

The callers are guaranteed complete anonymity.The only exception concerns cases when reporting is vital since non-reporting would pose an immediate threat to the life and health of the caller or other persons